Dr. Iti Gaur

Assistant Professor
IIS University, jaipur
Office Phone Number: 
0141 - 2400160
Educational Qualifications: 

Doctor of Philosophy
Masters in Commerce ( EAFM)
International Business(Certificate Course)
PGDHE (Pursuing)

Administrative Assignments: 

COSD coordinator of The Dept. of Financial Studies
Activity coordinator of The Dept. of Financial Studies
Member of University’s Examination Conduction Committee
Member of University’s Drama Guild
Member of University’s Cultural Committee
Member of University’s Research Promotion Committee

Areas of Interest / Specialization: 

EAFM, Marketing, Business Management, Banking & International Business

Subjects Taught: 

Macro Economics, Micro Economics , Banking and Finance, International Banking, International Financial system, Indian economy., Corporate Governance & Business Ethics, Management of Financial System, Advanced International Finance, Public Finance, Business Budgeting, Economic environment in India, Rural Economics & Development, Mutual Funds & Insurance, Banking Law & Practices, Business Communications, Marketing Management, Consumer Behaviour

Research Guidance: 


  • Ms. Shrishty  Choudhary(2015). Impact of E- Banking on Customer Satisfaction(A Study Based on Selected Customers & Banks.
  • Ms. Deeba Jafar(2015).Perception of Customers towards Mutual Funds.
  • Ms. Julie Mishra(2016). A Study of the Impact of Technology in Banking & Customer  Acceptance: With Special Reference to Jaipur
  • Ms. Nandini Sharma(2016). A Comparative study of E- Banking in Public & Private Sectors Banks(With Special Reference to PNB & ICICI Bank).
  • Ms. Pihu Kumari(2017). Perception of Customers towards Counterfeit of Luxury Products.
  • Ms. Swati Dhundra(2018). The Effect of Merger on Financial Performance: With Special reference to Idea & Vodafone.
  • Ms. Karishma Jain  (2019): Impact of Cashless Economy on Financial Decisions of Working Women.
Publications Profile: 


  • Building Brand Personality (2019), Lambert Academic Publishing, ISBN: 978-620-0-30955-6.
  • Digital Marketing: Transitional Journey of Marketing (2020), Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Global Economy, ISBN: 978 -81 - 938131 - 1- 9.      


  • Hit or No Hit for Entertainment Industry During COVID – 19 (2020), Journal of Media and Corporate Management, 3(1), 36-40.
  • Struggles Being Faced by E-Commerce during the Global Emergency (2020), Journal of Commerce, Accounting and Finance Management, 3(2), 18-24.
  • Brand Communication during Crisis (2020), International Journal of Marketing, Sales and Brand Management, 3(2), 61-74.
  • Impact of Brand Personality on Customer Satisfaction: An Empirical Study on selected Luxury Brands (2018), International Journal of Research in Social Sciences, 8(1), 70-78.
  • Impact of Brand Personality on Brand loyalty: An Empirical Study on selected Luxury Brands (2018), International Journal of Management, Technology & Engineering, 8(8), 687-698.
  • Changing trends in Hospital Marketing: Delivering Luxury with Medicare (2014), Journal of Commerce & Management, IISU, 3(1), 91-99.


  • To study the Communication Strategy during Global Emergency. International Webinar on “Resurgence of Business Growth & Post COVID - 19: Challenges & Strategies”, May 2020.
  • Understanding the Struggles Faced by E- Commerce in Global Pandemic. International Webinar on “Resurgence of Business Growth & Post COVID - 19: Challenges & Strategies”, May 2020.
  • Cashless Economy: Challenges & Opportunities. National Workshop on GST “A perspective of Growth", February 2019.
  • A Study on Brand Personality Traits: with Special Reference to selected Luxury Brands. International Conference on "Sustainable Development", November 2018.
  • Managing Customer Relationship in the Era of Social Media. All India Media Educator's Conference " Power of Media & Technology: Shaping the Future", July 2018.
  • Impact of Demonetization on Small Businesses in Rajasthan. National Conference on "Demonetization: Issues & perspective". March 2017.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility & Education in India. National Conference on " Corporate Governance: New paradigms, March 2016.
  • Bridging the gap between Industry & Academics. National Seminar on Higher education in 2025; Growth, Challenges & Opportunities", November 2015.
  • Impact of Consumer Personality Traits on Luxury Brand Market: An Empirical Study on Closet consumers. International Conference on Marketing (ICM) - 2015 Contemporary Trends & Challenges across the Globe, April 2015.
  • Impact of Brand Personality on Brand loyalty: An Empirical Study on Mobile Market of Rajasthan. International Conference on "Creativity & Innovation in Management Business, October 2014.


Conference Organization: 
Association With Professional Bodies: 

Life Time Member of Indian Commerce Association
Charter Member of The Rotary Club Jaipur(GURUKUL).

Other Activities: 

Organize Departmental exhibition every year based on Banking, economics and Finance Named "ADHIKOSHNA"

Consultancy Areas: 

Banking, Finance , Insurance