Total number of books and chapters in edited volumes / books published, and papers in national/international conference-proceedings year wise during the last five year
Sl. No. Name of the teacher Title of the book/chapters  published Title of the paper Title of the proceedings of the conference Name of the conference National / International Year of publication ISBN/ISSN number of the proceeding Affiliating Institute at the time of publication  Name of the publisher
1 Dr. Iti Gaur Building Brand Personality       International 2019 ISBN -13 : 978-620-0-30955-6, ISBN -10 6200309558   LAMBERT Publishing
2 Dr. Ruchi Jain Financial Inclusion: Turning to Generation -Z / Role of NABARD in SHG-BLP in Rajasthan: A perspective for Financial Inclusion       National  2019 ISBN no.-978-81-933852-9-6   R.S Publishing House.
3 Dr. Ruchi Jain Innovative Socio-Economic Trends in BFM(Banking, Finance & management)/ Swachh Bharat Abhiyan: A TQM Survey and Its Impact on Indian Economic Development       National  2019 ISBN 9788194 343202 Pg 261-274   Nitya Publications
4 Dr.Shaifali Mathur  Global Economy:Opportunities & Challenges/The CAMEL Model Analysis of Pre marger and Post merger Profitability Of State Bank of India Ltd. And its Associated       National  2019 ISBN : 978-81-938131-0-2   Inspira (IRA) Jaipur
5 Anamika Jaiswal Emerging Trends and Innovations in Modern Management/An Introspection of Start-up India, Stand-up India:Developments and Challenges       National  2018 978-81-937067-9-4   Inspira Research Association (IRA)
6 Dr.Shaifali Mathur  Sustainable Development & Technological Advancement / A Review on Impact of Business Environment on Development       International 2018 978-93-86789-39-6   KAAV publications
7 Dr.Shaifali Mathur  Governance reforms and development in India       National  2018 978-81-937067-2-5   Inspira jaipur
8 Dr. RUCHI JAIN    Sustainable development "A bridge between needs of past and future generations   13th India japan biletral conference on sustainable development in computing technologies for business world. INTERNATIONAL  2018 978-90-83462-61-2   BIYANI GROUP OF COLLEGES , JAIPUR
9 Anju Singh Perspective on Business and Management/ critical analysis of Meghraj: An initiative  for Harnessing the benefits of Cloud Computing        National  2017 978-93-82135-01-9   Aditya Informatics and Research Centre
10 Dr. Ruchi Jain   The Influence of positive thinking at work place   12th India-Japan bilateral conference on Work, stress and Health, Leading Innovations and strategies towards Stress Management INTERNATIONAL  2017 ISBN :978-93-83462-92-6   Biyani groups of college, Vidyadhar nagar, Jaipur
11 Dr. Anju Singh   Role of Emotional Intelligence in Restraining Occupational Stress   12th India-Japan bilateral conference on Work, stress and Health, Leading Innovations and strategies towards Stress Management International 2017 ISBN :978-93-83462-92-6   Biyani Institute of Commerce & Management Pvt. Ltd.
12 Dr.Meenakshi Anand Macro Economic Theory       National  2016 978-93-84524-29-6 IIS(Deemed to be ) University , Jaipur Shivam Book House
13 DAKSHA PATHAK   EFFECTS OF SUSTAINOPRENEUR-SHIP ON EMERGING ECONOMIES ENTREPRENEURSHIP ,MANAGEMENT AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT National confrrence on Entrepreneurship and sustainable Development(In Techno Management World) National  2016 ISBN No.978-93-85135-00-2   Adity informatics and research centre , bikaner
14 Dr. Ruchi Jain   E-commerce: A tool to enhance travel & tourism industry in the new era   11th India-Japan bilateral conference on Opportunities and challenges in e- commerce and Digital Marketing INTERNATIONAL  2016 ISBN :978-93-83462-94-0   Biyani groups of college, Vidyadhar nagar, Jaipur
15 Dr. Ruchi Jain Environmental awareness among college students for achievement in environmental education / Enhancing the quality of higher education in India-A holistic approach       National  2015 978-93-83241-85-9   Archers and Elevators
16 Dr. Ruchi Jain   Impact of make in India on Rural tourism in Rajasthan   10th Biyani Anniversary India-japan Bilateral conferences on Impact of Make in India Efforts  INTERNATIONAL  2015      
16 Dr. Meenakshi Anand  special economic zones -prospects and challenges / SEZ and Indian Agriculture : Prospevcts and Challenges       National  2015 82068-43-3 IIS(Deemed to be ) University , Jaipur Shivam book house(P)Ltd Jaipur
17 Dr Meenakshi Sharma Micro Economic Theory        State  2014 9789380722689   Ajmera Publication, Jaipur
18 Dr Meenakshi Sharma Banking Law and Practices        State  2014 9789380722634   Ajmera Publication, Jaipur
19 Dr.Ruchi Jain II Social Media Marketing in Banks, an emerging way ahead / Social Media Marketing A Strategic Initiative       International 2014 ISBN no.-9783659618574   Lambert Academic Publishing