• Ongoing Projects
  • 1 Ms. Parul sharma B.Com IV sem  Supervisior - Dr. Shaifali Mathur Factor affecting mutual funds investment decisions among Indian investors 2018-19
    2 Ms .Nishtha Dhabai B.Com (H) IV sem SUpervisior - Dr. Shaifali Mathur Impact of Internet banking on customer satisfaction 2018-19
  • Student Projects-
  • Investigation and Analysis of Motivational Factors Among the Employees of Selected Public and Private Sector Banks - Ms Vandana Agarwal  Supervisior - Dr . Shaifali Mathur   (2017-2018)
  • Study of Consumer Perception towards Cashless Payment Methods  Ms. Arshiya Goyal Supervisior - Dr . Ruchi Jain    (2017-2018)
  • Faculty Project- A Study on Impact of Behavioural Disposition in Portfolio Investment decisions of the Female investors in Jaipur: Dr Anju Singh (2016-2017)