Chapters in BOOK

S.No. First Author Co-Author Name of the Book Title of Chapter Publisher Year of Publication Status ISBN No.
1 Nikhar Goyal Anamika Jaiswal Emerging Trends and Innovations in Modern Management An Introspection of Start-up India, Stand-up India:Developments and Challenges Inspira Research Association (IRA) 2018 National 978-81-937067-9-4
2 Dr.Shaifali Mathur   Sustainable Development & Technological Advancement A Review on Impact of Business Environment on Development KAAV publications 2018 National/ State 978-93-86789-39-6
3 Dr.Shaifali Mathur   Governance reforms and development in India Bridging the gender gap – empowering women through financial inclusion Inspira jaipur 2018 National 978-81-937067-2-5
4 Anju Singh   Perspective on Business and Management critical analysis of Meghraj: An initiative  for Harnessing the benefits of Cloud Computing Aditya Informatics and Research Centre 2017 National 978-93-82135-01-9
5 Dr.Ruchi Jain II   Environmental awareness among college students for achievement in environmental education  Enhancing the quality of higher education in India-A holistic approach Archers and Elevators 2015 National 978-93-83241-85-9
6 Dr.Ruch Jain II   Global Business Management International Financial Institutions  VMOU Study Material 2011 National 13/978-81-8496-350-2
7 Dr.Ruch Jain II   Investment Management Risk management-Inpact on the prices management through insurance Intellectual Foundation(A foundation of education, Rohtak) 2011 National 978-93-81818-11-4