Ph.D - Awarded Name of the Guide Registration No. Name of candidate  Name of the Institution  Faculty (Science/Arts/Commerce) Date of Registration Status of Thesis (Completed/ Pursuing) Title Year in which Ph.D. Awarded (if completed)
1 Dr. Ruchi Jain II R.S.237/2014 Parul Singh The IIS University Commerce 13-06-2014 Completed Socio-economic and cultural impact of rural tourism in shekhawati region of rajasthan 2017
2 Dr. Meenakshi Anand R.S 189/2013 Ms Vani Tyagi The IIS University Commerce 30.5.2013 completed Ananlysis of Marketing mix strategiesof FMCG Product sin rural market (with special reference to Rajasthan) 2017
3 Dr Meenakshi Sharma R.S. 181/2013 Ms Surbhi Mittal The IIS University, Jaipur Management 28-5-2013 Completed Effectiveness of Training and Development on Employee Performance: A Study of National Thermal Power Corporation 2016
4 Dr Meenakshi Sharma R.S. 188/2013 Ms Tanvi Gaur The IIS University, Jaipur Commerce May-13 Completed Impact of Mergers and  Acquisition  (M&A) on Human Resources with Special Reference to Banking Sector. 2016
5 Dr. Meenakshi Anand R.S. 1078/2013 Ms. Ragini Shrimali The IIS University, Jaipur Management May-13 Completed Impact of Performance Appraisal on Career Advancement: A Comparative Study of Agricultural Research Institutes Awarded
6 Dr. Meenakshi Anand ICG/2012/1458 Ms. Vani Tyagi The IIS University, Jaipur Management 2012 Completed Analysis of marketing mi of FMCG products in rural markets  
7 Dr Meenakshi Sharma - Ms Shruti Gupta The IIS University, Jaipur Commerce 2011 july Awarded 2015 Effectiveness of service training program conducted for state level officers With special reference to HCM RIPA jaipur