Advance International Finance

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ABF 202
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To acquaint students with the theory of Foreign exchange market and transactions.


Foreign Exchange Markets: Functions, Participants, Factors influencing exchange rates. Spot rate, Forward rate , Future , Option and Arbitrage


Exchange Control- Meaning, Features, Objectives, Methods, Merits & Demerits, Exchange control in India.
Balance of payment: Meaning, Components, BOP v/s BOT, Disequilibrium in BOP, Rectification of disequilibrium.


Exchange Rate Determination-Demand for foreign exchange, Supply of foreign exchange, Theories of Foreign Exchange Rate-Mint Parity theory-PPP theory and Balance of Payment theory. Causes of fluctuations in Exchange rates. Fixed and Flexible Exchange Rates.


International Banking: Meaning, Features, Types of International Banking Offices, Offshore Banking & NBFCs
International Investment: Meaning, Types of foreign private investment, Significance of foreign Investment, Cross Border Mergers and Acquisitions


Foreign Aid to India- Role, Impact of Foreign aid on India’s Economic development and Problems of Foreign Aid.
WTO- Introduction, Objectives, Functions and India & WTO.

Essential Readings: 

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