Corporate Laws

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COM 303
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The Course aims at providing knowledge of the Indian Companies Act, 1956, the regulatory framework governing the functioning of companies in India.


Company- Definition and essential characteristics. Lifting of corporate veil- under statutory provisions and under judicial interpretations.


Classification of companies.(as per Companies Act 2013) • Public company • Private company(Definition, characteristics, Privileges and concessions to private companies (as per Companies Act, 2013) • One-person Company (Definition &Features)• Dormant Company • Small Company • Government companies • Foreign companies • Holding and subsidiary company


Incorporation and formation of a company. Promoters-functions, duties and liabilities, Concepts of shares, Types of shares (Equity shares, Preference shares), debentures, Types of debentures


Memorandum of Association (Definition, Clauses), Articles of Association ,
Prospectus: Definition, Contents, Provisions regarding issue of Prospectus, kinds of Prospectus (Abridged Prospectus, Shelf Prospectus, Deemed Prospectus, Information Memorandum, Red-Herring Prospectus), Statement in lieu of prospectus


Membership in a company, difference between a member and shareholder, contributory (Definition), Winding up of Company (as per the Companies Act,2013)

Essential Readings: 

1. Majumdar, A. K. and Kapoor, G. K., Student’s guide to Company Law, Taxmann Publications (P) Ltd., New Delhi
2. Singh, Avtar, Indian Company Law, Eastern Book Company


1. Nolakha, R.L., Company Law, Ramesh Book Depot, Jaipur
2. Mathew, M.J., Company Law, RBSA Publishers, Jaipur
3. Krishnamurti, D.S.R., Company Law, Taxmann, New Delhi, 2007

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