Financial Management

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COM 304
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To familiarize the students with fundamental principles and practices of Financial Management


Financial Management: Meaning, Scope, Importance and Limitations. Analysis of Financial Statements.
Financial Planning: Objectives, Significance & Factors affecting Financial Planning.


Ratio Analysis: Meaning and classification of ratio- Liquidity ratio, Activity ratios, Profitability ratios, Leverage ratios and Investment ratios.
Operating and Financial Leverages: Meaning and Types of leverages.


Break Even Analysis: Meaning and Methods of Break Even Analysis. Inventory Management: Meaning, Importance, Techniques of Inventory control


Capital Budgeting: Meaning, Process and Techniques of Capital Budgeting.
Dividend and Dividend policy: Meaning, Forms of dividend, Factors effecting dividend policies.


Cost of capital: Concept, factors affecting cost of capital and computation of cost of capital.
Capital Structure and Capitalization : Meaning, concepts, difference between capital structure and capitalization, factors effecting capital structure

Essential Readings: 

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