Models of Operations Research

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ABF 401
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The objective of this course is to acquaint the students with the use of operations research techniques in decision-making


Operations Research: Basic Concepts and Definitions, merits and demerits, Techniques of operations research, role of operations research, application areas of operations research
Linear Programming: Mathematical formulation of Linear Programming problems and their solution using Graphic approach and Simplex method, Duality.


Transportation: Solving the problem. Testing the optimality MODI method. Cases of unbalanced problems, Degeneracy, Maximization objective, Multiple solutions and Prohibited Routes
Assignment: Solving the problem. Cases of unbalanced problems, multiple optimum solutions, maximization objective and unacceptable assignments


PERT/CPM: Network with one estimate of time. Networks with three estimates of time. Time-cost trade-off. Probability consideration under Pert


Game Theory: Games of Pure strategy, Games of Mixed strategy, Law of Dominance, Sub Game method.
Queuing Theory: Meaning, features, elements of queuing theory, queuing system, Single Channel Queuing Problem.


Decision Theory: Maximin, Minimax, and Maximax expected pay off and regret, Expected value of Perfect Information, Decision Tree Analysis, Theory
Simulation- Methodology and Application of Simulation technique. Solution of elementary inventory and queuing problems by using Monte Karlo Simulation Model

Essential Readings: 

1. Quantitative Methods- N.K Nag (Kalyani Publishers)
2. Operational Research-Mathur, Khandelwal Gupta,Gupta (Ajmera Book Company)
3. Operational Research-V.K Kapoor (Sultan Chand)


1. Operations Research and QT, R K Tailor(Shivam Book House)
2. Operational Research-Prof N.P.Agarwal ( Ramesh Book Depot)
3. Quantitative Techniques- C.R Kothari(Vikas Publishing House Pvt Ltd)
4. Vohra N.D, Quantitative Techniques in Management, (Tata McGraw Hill New Delhi )
5. Taha, Hamady A, Operational Research- An Introduction, Prentice Hall of India

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