Paper III : Management of Financial Institutions

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FSG 143
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The students would be able to acquire knowledge related to functions associated with banking and banking services and technology.


Financial Institutions in India- Genesis of Financial Institutions in India. Mission and Objectives of Financial Institutions in India. Performance, Provision of Assistance by Financial Institutions. Strength and challenges. Overview of Indian Banking


Management of deposits- A Marketing Approach- Concept of Bank Marketing. Formulating Marketing Strategies for a Commercial Bank. Marketing Strategic Decisions. Implementing Marketing Strategy.


Management of Loans in Commercial Banks- Characteristics of commercial Banks Loans in India. Formulating Loan Policy in a commercial Bank. Contents of Bank Loan policy. Organizing of Bank Lending.


Asset –Liability Management in commercial Banks- Concept, Objectives, Functions and Process of ALM.. Management of Risk, Utility of ALM for Commercial Banks.


Management of Non-Performing assets in commercial Banks- NPAs in Indian Commercial Banks. Impact of Priority Sector Advances on NPAs. Factors for the NPAs in Commercial Banks. Steps taken by RBI for containing NPAs.

Essential Readings: 

1. P.N. Varshney, Banking law and Practice, Sultan chand and Sons, Delhi
2. B.S. Khubehandani, Practice and Law of Banking, MacMillian India Limited
3. Jain, Khanna, Tiwari, “ Banking and Public Finance” V.K India Enterprises, New Delhi.
4. Natarajan S, Parameshwaran R, “ Indian Banking” S.Chand & Company LTD, New Delhi


1. R.M.Srivastava and Divya Nigam- “ Management of Indian Financial Institutions”, hihalaya Publishing House
2. Davar S.R., Banking Law & Practice, Vikas Publishing House, Delhi

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