Paper III: Marketing Management

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MMG 143
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• To introduce researchers to the elements of marketing analysis: marketing environment analysis, customer analysis and competitor analysis.
• To familiarize researchers to the generic business strategies and strategic marketing decisions for profitable delivery of superior value to the customers.
• To enhance their problem-solving and decision-making abilities in strategic Specialisations of marketing


Marketing: Introduction, Meaning and Definition, Selling vs. Marketing, Nature and Scope of Marketing, Core Marketing Concepts, Marketing Philosophies, Marketing-Mix Strategy, Marketing Environment Analysis, Marketing Research Process. Segmentation and positioning strategy, Levels and Bases of Market Segmentation, Market Targeting, Developing and Communicating Positioning Strategy


Consumer Behaviour Influences : Personal and Psychological factors affecting Consumer Buying Behaviour, Steps in Buying Decision Process, Howard-Sheth Model of Consumer Behaviour


Product Planning and Strategies
Product Life-Cycle Marketing Strategies, Product Characteristics and Classifications, Concept of Product-Mix, Product-Line Decisions, Packaging and Labelling, New Product Development Process


Managing Integrated Marketing Communications and Distribution Channels
Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communications, Advertising, Sales-Promotion and Personal Selling, Role of Marketing Channels, Channel-Design Decisions, Channel-Management Decisions, Channel Integration and Systems, Channel Conflict and Co-operation


Developing Competitive Marketing Strategy and Managing the Marketing Effort
Identifying and Analyzing Competitors, Competitive Strategies for Market Leaders and Challengers, Marketing Organisation, Control of Marketing Operations, Objectives, Benefits and Techniques

Essential Readings: 

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