Paper- IV: Financial Performance Appraisal

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ATG – 144
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To enable the researchers to identify problems for decision making in financial performance appraisal through collection of data, analysis and interpretation.

Financial Performance : Concept of Financial performance, its role and significance, types of financial performance analysis, measures of financial performance analysis.
Meaning of performance appraisal, concept, merits and its limitations, financial performance appraisal, its concepts, components of financial performance appraisal, importance, role in research, methods of financial performance appraisal.

Cost Performance Analysis - I:
Concept of cost, types, relation of cost, costing and cost accounting, components of cost performance: long-term and short term, methods of costing, techniques of costing: unit and output costing, process costing, operating costing, reconciliation of cost and financial statements.

Cost Performance Analysis - II:
Concept of budgetary control, budget, budgeting and budgetary control, role of budgetary control in research, performance report, revision of budgets, performance budgeting, programme budgeting and rolling system. Preparation of cash budget, master budget, flexible budget, production budget, finance budget, functional budget etc.
Activity Based Costing: Concept, Nature or Characteristics, Elements, Process or Stages, Identification of Cost Drivers, Determination of Cost of each activity, Assigning or Tracing Activity Cost to Products, Distinction between Activity Based Costing System and Traditional System, Advantages and Limitations of Activity Based Costing System

Techniques Financial Performance Analysis:
Components of financial performance, Long-term v/s short term, and working capital analysis: cash management, receivable management, inventory management and working capital management.


Managerial Performance Analysis:
Meaning and concept of marginal costing, role of marginal costing in performance analysis, break-even analysis, BEP chart, pricing techniques, transfer pricing comparative analysis.
Marginal Costing and Decision Making: Relevant cost analysis, Differential cost analysis, Stock valuation under marginal costing versus absorption costing Decisions based on Marginal Costing like Make or Buy, Own or Lease, Shut down or Continue

Essential Readings: 

• Financial Management – Khan and Jain(Tata McGraw Hill)
• Management Accounting – S. K. Singh( Sun India Publications)
• Business System - N.P. Agarwal and R.K. Tailor( RBSA Publishers)
• Management Accounting – S. N. Maheshawari(S. Chand & Sons.)
• Cost Accounting – S. N. Maheshwari (S. Chand & Sons.)
• Cost Accounting – Ravi. M. Kishore (Taxmann’s )


• Cost Accounting: A Managerial Emphesis: Charls T Horngren
• Cost Accounting for Management: Terill & Pattrick
• Principles of Financial Management: N.P. Agarwal and R. K. Tailor, Pointer Publishers, Jaipur
• Financial management : I M Panday (Vikas Publishing House)
• Corporate Financial management: Basant Raj (Tata McGraw Hills)
• Financial Management: S C Kucchal ( Chaitnaya Publishing House)

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