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1 Ms. Aanchal Kalra Dr. Anju Singh A comparative study of Mobile Wallet

Adoption among Baby Boomers and Millennials”

PIMT Journal of Research. International Vol-12, No-3,   April to June 2020 issue.  2278-7925
2 Dr. Ruchi Jain Ardra nair Universal Banking in India:A comparative study between the selected Public sector and Private sector banks IOSR journal of Business and management(IOSR-JBM) International(UGC-46879) 20 pg 54-59 May-18 2278-487X,
3 Blessy Roy Ruchi Jain A study on level of Financial Literacy among Indian women IOSR journal of Business and management(IOSR-JBM) International(UGC-46879) 20 pg 19-24 May-18 2278-487X,
4 Dr Meenakshi Anand Ms Bisma Kanwal Role of Micro Finance in Women Economic Liberalisation IOSR Journal of Business and Management International (UCG-46879) 20 64-72 Mar-18 2278-487X
5 Dr Meenakshi Anand Ms Fauzia Nafees A Study on customer satisfaction inretail banking sector( With special reference to secleted private sector in India) International Journal of Advanced in Management Technology and Engineering Sciences International (UCG- 8 432-445 Apr-18 2249-7455
6 Dr Ruchi Jain Ms Juhi Mukherjee Conversion of AU Financiars to AU small finance banks: Step towards financial inclutions International Journal of Research and Anatical Review International (UGC-43602) 5   Mar-18  
7 Ms Arshiya Goyal Dr Ruchi Jain Cash to cashless economy: Shifting Paradigms Research Hub: International Multidisplinary Reserch Journals International (UGC-44951) 5   Mar-18 2349-7637
8 Ms Vandana Agarwal Dr Shaifali Mathur Influence of Organizational climate on employee performance wit reference to HDFC Bank Ltd in Jaipur City KAAV Publication International 5 338-344 01-Mar 2348-4969
9 Dr. Meenakshi Anand Ms. Shreya Choudhary A Study of Investment Pattern of Working Women International Research Journal of Management, Science and Technology International  9 166-175 Jan-18 2550-1959
10 Dr. Meenakshi Sharma Ms. Mehak Gulati A study of preference of saving and investment avenies based on risk and return with reference to salaried individuals Journal of Commerce,Economics and Computer Science National  4 62-66 Dec-18 2395-7069
11 Dr. Anju Singh N/A impact of behavioural biases on investment decisions of female investors international journal of research and analytical reviews International 5 402-405 Aug-18 2349-5138
12 Ms. ITI Gaur   Impact of brand personality on Customer Satisfaction: An empirical study on selected luxury brands.  International Journal of Research in social Sciences International   Vol 8 issue 8(1).  70-78 August 2018.  ISSN 2249-2496. 
13 Ms. ITI Gaur   Impact of brand personality on Brand Loyalty Customer Satisfaction: An empirical study on selected luxury brands  International Journal of Research in social Sciences International   .Vol 8 issue 8. .  page 587-698. August 2018.  ISSN 2249- 7455.
14 Dr. Ruchi JAIN  Juhi mukherjee Virtual Marketing "breakthrough in marketing research Internation journal of 360 management review  International   VOL 6 ISSUE 2  116-122 Oct-18 ISSN 2320-7132
15 Ms. Daksha Pathak Prof.Manoj Kumar. DEAN, Faculty of Management Studies ,Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati University,Ajmer A Study of Spirituality in a public sector bank in Rajasthan Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research International VOL 5 ISSUE 9 243-247 18-Sep ISSN- 2349-5162
16 Nikhar Goyal Anamika Jaiswal An Introspection of Start-up India, Stand-up India:Developments and Challenges Inspira Research Association (IRA) National     2018 978-81-937067-9-4
17 Dr. Ruchi JAIN    Customer satisfaction towards services of life insurance corporation (LIC) with special reference to jaipur city  international journal of research and analytical reviews (UGC-43602)  International   VOL 5 ISSUE 3 459-465 JULY -SEPT 18 ISSN -2349-5138
18 Dr. Anju Singh   Impact of Conspicuous Consumption on the purchase of luxury items: Study of the consumer behaviour with special reference to Udaipur Global Journal of Applied research International 6 482-484 Apr-17 2277-8160
19 Dr Meenakshi Anand Vani Tyagi Advertising:Boon or curse for women International Journal of Research in economics and social science International 7 116-124 Mar-17 2249-7382
20 Dr Meenakshi Anand Vani Tyagi Broadcasting Media: An Uprising in the world of rural marketing International Journal of Research in Finance and Marketing International 7 20-29 Jan-17 2231-5985
21 Dr. Meenakshi Anand Ms. Vani Tyagi A Study of Buying Behaviour of Rural Consumers International Journal of Research in Economics and Social Science International 7 240-250 Oct-17 2249-7382
22 Mehak Gulati Dr Meenakshi Sharma A study of Financial Inclusion in IndiaI Implementing agencies and Stake Holders in Rajasthan Journal of commerce and management National 5 96-113 Nov-16 2320-4907
23 Dr. Ruchi Jain II Ms. Parul Singh Enhancing Tourism competitiveness through innovation in rajasthan Research Hub::International Multidisciplinary Research Journal International 3   16-Oct 2349-7637
24 Dr Meenakshi Sharma Ms Surbhi Mittal Impact of Effective Training Strategieson Employee Retention: A Case Study of NTPC, Anta. South Asia Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies International 2(5)   2016 2395-1079
25 Dr. Meenakshi Anand  Ragini Shrimali  Role of Quality Education in career advancement  Splint International journal of professionals  International  3 91-95  2016 2349-6045 
26 Dr. Meenakshi Sharma Tanvi Gaur A Case Study on Customer SatisfactionLevel Post Merger & Acquisition (With Special Reference to ICICI Bank and Bankof Rajasthan) International Journal of Scientific research International 4 23-27 2015 2277-8179
27 Dr. Meenakshi Sharma Surbhi Mittal Effectiveness of Training on employee performance: a study of national thermal power corporation International Journal of Engineering, Management & Medical Research (IJEMMR) International 1  (12) Online 2015 ISSN: 2395 - 2180
28 Dr.Ruchi Jain-II Archana Sharma Cluster Development in small and Medium enterprises:Key to success globally l Pacific Business Review International International 7 (9) 130-136 2015 (ISSN 0974 438X)
29 Dr.Meenakshi Anand  Ragini Shrimali  A study of performance appraisal system in agriculture sector International journal in management and social science International 03 (8) 290-299 2015 2321-1784
30 Dr.Meenakshi Anand Ragini Shrimali Role of Carrer Advancement:Ensuring Creativity & Inovation in Indian Growth Story The International Journall of Business & Managemnt International 03 Issue4 355-358 Apr-15 2321-8916
31 Dr. Ruchi Jain-II Parul  Singh Social Inclusion through Rural Tourism in Rajasthan The IISU Journal of commerce and management National 3 (1)  91-99  Nov 2014 2320-4907
32 Dr. Ruchi Jain –II   Strategic human resource Management-A need for the Rural sales force management International Journal of 360*Management Review International 2 (2) 1-9 Oct-14 2320-71329online) 2320-7124(print)
33 Dr. Ruchi Jain –II   Insurance: An Investment opportunity and tool for risk Management(A comparison between individual assurance and pension Plans of Lic) Pacific Business review International International 7 (2) 19-23  Aug 2014 0974-438X