Department Events

Orientation Programme(Commerce)
Wednesday, 7 September 2022
10:30 am
Ojas Hall
“Career in Financial Service Sector”
Wednesday, 20 April 2022
09:30 am
AV Hall, IISU Campus.
Career in Financial Service Sector
Wednesday, 20 April 2022
09:30 am
poster making competition
Friday, 23 September 2016
(All day)
Srijan Hall
Micro Analysis of Financial Statements
Wednesday, 22 June 2016
10:00 am
AV, Hall
Guest Lecture on Investment Awareness
Monday, 29 February 2016
02:00 am
AV Hall, ICG college
Traffic Rules: Kabhi Na jaana Bhool
Saturday, 27 February 2016
(All day)
SFS, Mansarovar,Jaipur
Financial Literacy: Gain for BPL Group
Friday, 26 February 2016
(All day)
Dadabadi Basti, Sanganeer, Jaipur
working & Function of RBI: Current scenario of Monetary Policy
Thursday, 25 February 2016
02:00 am
Av Hall, ICG Campus
Guest Lecture (Banking awareness)
Wednesday, 7 October 2015
10:00 am
AV Hall, ICG College, Jaipur