Financial Literacy: Gain for BPL Group

The need for financial literacy is a prerequisite for financial inclusion in our country. The greatest bang-for-the-buck is when financial literacy programs are targeted towards households that are uneducated or financially illiterate. Careful attention should be paid to targeting financial literacy programs towards such populations. In order to promote it an extension activity was organised by the Department of Financial Studies on 26th February 2016,” Financial Literacy: Gain for BPL Group” under the supervision of Dr. Ruchi Jain, HOD, Department of Financial Studies. In the activity, the students were made aware of the various banking schemes and programs of the Government like the Jan-Dhan-Yojana, Bhamasha Yojana and kishori Suraksha Yojana. A senior bank official conducted a short lecture to deal with the queries of the students and to improve their understanding of the basic of opening a bank account. Banners, posters and a small skit were created to strengthen the impact of the message amongst the students. The kacchi basti of Dadabari, sanganer was selected for this awareness program. Students created pamphlets which had sufficient information of the basic requirements to open up an account. Students performed a small skit on the need for opening a bank account and its benefits amongst the BPL sector. The students also conducted personal conversations with the each people of the locality, listened to their problems and guided them to resolve it. The response of the people was positive and the people of the locality showed interest in opening bank accounts and asked students to guide them.The students enthusiasm for the activity was commendable and they took the contact details of the people to further the impact of this awareness program. The coordinator of the activity was Dr. Anju Singh and the co-cordinator was Ms. Iti Gaur.