Report on SEBI visit (International Commerce Day)

Visit to SEBI
The Commerce Club of IIS (deemed to be University), to mark the occasion of International Commerce Day , organised a visit to Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), Local Chapter, Jaipur on 16th October, 2019 for the students of commerce department . The main objective behind the visit was to make the students aware about the functions and roles of the regulatory body in connection to the investors, exchanges and industries.
The educational session was conducted by Mr. Nitesh Bhati, Deputy General Manager of SEBI, Jaipur, at the training hall of SEBI. The session expounded about SEBI working, guidelines, regulations and norms. The students were shown presentation and several videos related to investor awareness and general guidelines . The resource person also explained about numerous departments functional in SEBI like corporate finance, Economic and policy analysis, Human Resources, Investigation, Investment Management. He also mentored on the career options in SEBI and the process of selection. Various career opportunities in the field of stock management were also explained during the session. Presentation also provided information about Online trading and opening of DEMAT account. The session was very informative and appreciated by the students.