Traffic Rules: Kabhi Na jaana Bhool

Creating awareness among people on traffic rules is essential to minimise the number of road accidents in our city. For this an extension activity was organised by the Department of Financial Studies on 27th February 2016, namley, “Traffic Rules: Kabhi Na jaana Bhool”.under the supervision of Dr. Ruchi Jain, Head, Department of Financial Studies. It was an awareness activity in which the students made the people responsive towards the road safety rules to be followed. Students first educated themselves regarding the various road safety and traffic rules. Later on the students exhorted people to learn road rules and to strictly follow them in order to avoid accidents. They circulated the message that the number of road accidents would come down only when people adhered road rules strictly. The place chosen for the activity was the traffic light of SFS area in Mansarovar, jaipur. The students talked to the people about the importance of following the road lights, wearing helmet and seat belts. People of the area supported the students by listening to the students and following what was promoted by the students. To make a strong impact of this activity the students prepared the pamphlets, banners and stick–on which were distributed to the people on roads. The banners and pamphlets contained the driving rules and meaning of different road signals. This helped the students to spread the message prominently. The enthusiasm of the students for the activity was elevated and they spread the message to as many people as they could.The coordinator of the activity was. Ms. Iti Gaur and co-cordinator was Dr. Anju Singh