Webinar on IISU e-library

Gone are the days when students used to only sit in the library and gathered the in depth knowledge about the questions moving in their minds. Contemporarily students try to gather more and more knowledge about the concepts they learn in their classes through various virtual platforms. To match the pace of the running minds of our insightful students the IIS(deemed to be University) has come up with such a platform “IISU e-library”. The department of Commerce organized a Webinar on IISU e-library to acquaint the students with all the features of it. The webinar was organized on 26th May 2021 on Microsoft Teams. The speaker was Dr. Sonal Jain, Head Librarian, IIS(deemed to be University).She explained all the details regarding the university’s virtual platform very precisely and the use of e-library was explained by her so beautifully that the students got highly encouraged to make use of this platform.