Report on Bazaar on Campus (NEN E-Cell)

Date: 25 – 26 September 2012 Venue: ICG Lawns Description: There are many situations which can make someone an entrepreneur and help to develop entrepreneurial skills. For developing such entrepreneurial skills Bazaar on Campus was organized by the University on 25th- 26th September. Students of the department of Financial Studies (Commerce) put up a stall under the event Media Fest and Bazaar on Campus. The core idea behind this event was to inculcate entrepreneurial competencies in students which can in turn make them good leaders and decision makers. By the way of this activity students were able to get more knowledge about costing of products, maintaining of sales record, managing funds , customer relation management etc. students earned a handsome amount of profits and also understood profit management and maximization skills. The co-ordinator for the activity was Dr. Meenakshi Sharma and co -coordinataors were Ms. Iti Gaur and Ms. Nikita Sabharwal.